MECHVAC personnel have been working in the Automotive Industry for over 30 years providing services in Plant Layout, Plant Equipment and Air Handling projects for Automotive Assembly and Component manufacturing facilities.

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What Sets MECHVAC Apart

  • A
    We have long and intimate industry experience in the automotive assembly process from Press Shop operations through to Body Build, Paint Shop and Final Assembly.
  • B
    Our clients only have to provide a brief project outline and we can take it from there.
  • C
    Or we can work off a detailed specification and request for tender process.
  • D
    Low risk due to Integrated Management System compliant with ISO9001 / ISO14001 / AS4801, $20m PL and $10m PI insurances.
  • E
    Engineering to IEAust CPEng standard
  • F
    Experience in construction of cleanrooms to ISO 14644.1 classification including room pressure control for a dust free work environment for critical Plastic Mirror Metallising manufacture.
  • G
    Innovative design and Lean Manufacturing techniques which can provide;
    • Productivity improvements up to 50%
    • Inventory reductions up to 80%
    • Quality improvements up to 30%
    • Floor space savings up to 25%
    • Safety and ergonomic improvements
  • H
    Turnkey solutions.
Working With Us

Key Projects

MECHVAC has a successful track record in Lean Manufacturing, Plant Equipment and Air Handling projects for the Automotive Industry due to the way we work with our clients.

  • Cubic Pacific - Spray Booth Upgrades
  • Dürr - Supply & exhaust air, stainless steel ductwork for Holden E-Coat
  • Futuris - Design, Manufacture and Installation of a Floor Moulding Vacuum Press
  • Holden - DVT Booth Design & Installation
  • Holden - Heating Ovens
  • Holden - Supply & installation of plant air-conditioning up to 14,000L/sec units
  • Holden - Fume extraction for Welding cells, Fuel Fill Ventilation and general areas
  • Mitsubishi Motors - Supply and installation of general plant air-conditioning
  • Mullins Wheels – Plant Layouts for Machine Shop and Foundry
  • SMR Automotive - Plastic Mirror Cleanroom
  • SMR - Spray Booth
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