Heating Ovens


MECHVAC designed, manufactured and installed 8 heating ovens for the Holden Assembly Line. These ovens are used to heat wiring harnesses, looms and decklid seals in cold weather to 45 deg C to make them flexible as an ergonomic aid for the assembly process.

These projects were design and construct contracts that were completed on time in 2013 and 2014.

The oven is terrific. Thank you for all your help/design re this. To quote the operators "the seals fit to the decklid like butter" This is a fantastic ergonomic improvement.
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– Sonia Holyhrim, Project Engineer General Motors Holden

Customer Benefits and Project Outcomes

  • WHS and ergonomic improvements – heating the wiring looms and decklid seals so that they are flexible for ease of installation into the vehicles on the assembly line
  • Productivity improvement – faster assembly process
  • Compliance with Australian Standards
  • Turnkey project delivery
  • On time delivery
  • On budget, no cost overruns
  • Zero lost time injuries
  • Less than 0.5% non-conformances

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