Cleanroom Design and Build

Affordable Cleanroom Design and Build

Developing cleanroom design and build for our clients is our passion at Mechvac Engineering. Our connected cleanrooms deliver regulatory compliance and with over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we have learned how to use innovation to overcome your contamination control challenges. Our cleanrooms can transform your company into a classified clean environment. Mechvac Engineering has the experience and expertise to develop unique solutions that use air handling solutions to deliver clean air. We construct our cleanrooms to ISO 14644 classification and our experienced engineers will work with you to develop an efficient layout for your cleanroom. We will balance the process flow with other factors that provide regulatory compliance, like air changes and pressure differential. Mechvac Engineering will undertake your entire cleanroom design and build project to avoid the need for additional engineers or consultants. We also develop a specific work scope before construction begins to reduce project risks.

Cleanroom Design and Build

What Set our Cleanroom Build and Design Apart?

Our attention to detail is the first thing that sets our cleanroom design and builds apart from the competition. We are 100% committed and use solutions to reduce lead times and cost. Our industrial experience allows us to introduce innovative and cost-efficient solutions during concept development. After hiring us for a project, we only require a brief outline of what you want, and we will develop it from there. We can also prepare a detailed specification and request for a tender process. With innovative design and lean manufacturing techniques, we can provide you with productivity improvements, inventory reductions, floor space savings, and safety improvements. We also use an Integrated Management System compliant with ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ AS4801, working with reputable brands such as Electrolux, Cuttler, and Jurlique ensuring quality services.

Contact Mechvac Engineering for your Cleanroom Build and Design

Mechvac Engineering develops cost-effective cleanroom build and design for a range of applications. Our cleanrooms are perfect for entry-level solutions or a quick way to respond to the growing demand of your production. A good example is the class 8 cleanroom we designed, manufactured, and installed for Redarc Electronics for their Lonsdale plant. Redarc Electronics manufactures sensitive electronic products and their project was a design and construct contract which we completed in 2012. Our cleanroom design and build come with several advantages. The unit is fully environmentally controlled and provides positive pressure air control and HEPA air filtration for a dust-free environment, working to deliver your project on time and within your budget. The manufacturing also takes place at our Pipework and Plant Equipment workshop to ensure we maintain our quality. At Mechvac Engineering, we are professionals, ensuring we provide a fixed price quotation.

We keep flexibility in mind when developing your cleanroom design and build since we know you can expand or modify your business in future. Call our team today on +61 8 8262 1244 for more information.