Cleanroom Design and Construction

Get Professional Cleanroom Design and Construction

At MECHVAC Engineering, we have over 40 years in the industry providing top-notch cleanroom designs and construction services. Our skilled team offers an agile and complete engineering design, fabrication, and installation service. We can also work with your team to deliver customised solutions that will change the functioning of your company. At MECHVAC Engineering, we strive to provide outstanding and professional services to help you achieve the bigger picture results for your project. We also understand that you have a budget for the project. As such, our team will work to deliver your work within the set budget, timeline, and specification. Our vision is to be the best solution in the minds of our customers. We undertake all the project work to eliminate the need to hire extra engineers or consultants. We also use a turnkey solutions approach to reduce lead times and costs. Call us to receive innovative solutions for your cleanroom.

Cleanroom Design and construction

Affordable Cleanroom Design and Construction

MECHVAC Engineering is the leading choice for cleanroom design and construction Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competition. We are 100% committed to providing the best services, every time. For this reason, we develop a specific work scope to reduce risks that come with various projects. We have been working in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years, providing plant layout and air handling projects for whitegoods, electronics, and steel. At MECHVAC Engineering, we have worked with several reputable brands like SA Power Networks, CAPS, Croplands, and Daikin. As a case study, we designed, constructed, and installed a Class 8 Cleanroom for the manufacture of sensitive electronic products for Redarc Electronics at their Lonsdale plant. Our cleanrooms are environmentally controlled for 22°C room air condition and can be humidity controlled as well. They also provide positive pressure air control and HEPA air filtration for a dust-free environment.

Our Cleanroom Design and Construction Process

Our team at MECHVAC Engineering will work closely with you to understand your cleanroom design and construction needs. Our team will then develop the scope of your project to achieve your designated outcome. We will then prepare a detailed quotation for performing the work scope. Mechvac provides fixed price quotations to avoid any price over-runs. We will also specify the timeline, resources, and delivery at this phase. After approving the quote, our experienced team will carry out the design work. We will then introduce you to our project managers and a project manager will oversee the entire job from inception to after-care services. Here, our project managers will utilise our integrated management system for full transparency and accountability. We will construct your cleanroom on-site and provide you with extensive follow-up services. MECHVAC Engineering has created a reputation over the years for delivering successful air handling projects. We prioritise the needs of our customers and offer only quality products.

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