Crushing Plant

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MECHVAC has installed an ore crushing and blending plant for Bureau Veritas Minerals using Lean Manufacturing Plant Layout principles.

Significant improvements can be readily made for existing or new operations with a lean process design approach that MECHVAC is ready to assist with.

Lean manufacturing principles are centred on the minimisation of process waste and maximising value added operations, which can be applied anywhere. What started with the Toyota Production System in the automotive industry has been successfully applied to other manufacturing industries and even to banking and government operations. Rio Tinto has a track record of implementing lean processes at its aluminium smelters. MECHVAC has a long track record in lean manufacturing plant layout design which started in the automotive industry and has since evolved into work in other industries including Mining, Manufacturing, Food and Defence.


  • Productivity improvement of 66%
  • Reduction in floor area of 56%
  • Payback of less than 2 years
  • Dust extraction system for WHS improvements

Crushing Plant

SX Plant

Precipitation Plant

Column Leach Plant

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