Dust Extraction Booth

The Best Air Handling Solution With Our Dust Extraction Booth

MECHVAC Engineering is a fully certified group that delivers process plant, equipment, and air handling solutions. We provide our services to various industries, including mining and resources, defence, food, water, general manufacturing, and automotive industries. MECHVAC Engineering works closely with its customers to ensure that we create custom solutions suitable to their needs. Some of our services include lean manufacturing process design, mineral extraction plants, dust extraction booths and metal fabrication

At MECHVAC Engineering, we provide quick and complete engineering design, fabrication, and installation services to our clients. Our qualifications and over 40 years of experience enable us to deliver significant benefits to our customers. Some of these benefits include up to 50% productivity improvements, up to 80% inventory reductions, up to 30% quality improvements, up to 25% floor space savings, and reducing harm to the environment with our dust extraction booth.

Dust Extraction Booth
Dust Extraction Booth

Experience Professional And Outstanding Services

As one of the top engineering companies in Australia, we have a working strategy that sets us apart. Besides our extensive experience, we have a qualified team of specialists to work on your projects. Our dust extraction booth allows factories to upgrade their capacity for future improvements. We will undertake all project scoping work so that we do not require any additional or consultants. Our specialists develop a specific work scope to reduce the project’s risk and through our turnkey solutions, we reduce the lead times and costs of your project. We provide you with innovative and cost-saving solutions during concept development and our attention to detail is the primary thing that sets us apart because we are fully committed to working and completing your project. At MECHVAC Engineering, you can experience the most professional and outstanding services.

Upgrade Your Workspace With Our Dust Extraction Booth

MECHVAC Engineering complies with OH&S & Australian Standards to design, manufacture, and install dust extraction booths. This system is purpose-built to suit existing plant layouts. As such, it reduces the disruption to your existing production process. A dust extraction booth project was completed in 2018 for Cheetham Salt. The project involved replacing the old, wet, and scrubber system with a new MECHVAC wet scrubber. Our complete project allows you to upgrade your factory capacity for future improvements. As an addition, it also improves environmental performance by replacing the old systems that emitted excessive exhaust.

Benefits derived from our dust extraction booths:

  1. It reduces the harm caused to the environment, including air and noise pollution.
  2. It reduces the maintenance of your plant equipment.
  3. Our dust extraction booth use high-strength steels, rubber linings, and stainless steels to reduce the effects of dust erosion.
Dust Extraction Booth
Do you require a dust extraction booth for you plant? We will deliver successfully and on time, providing extensive follow-up. Call us today!