Dust Extraction Systems Adelaide

Improved Air Quality through Dust Extraction System Adelaide

At Mechvac Engineering, we are your one-stop shop for your dust extraction systems in Adelaide. Ensuring an environmental workspace is a primary concern, and that is why we offer dust extraction services. We have been serving Adelaide residents for over 40 years now and are leaders in our industry. With a qualified team of ten people, we strive to proactively offer you outstanding services to ensure we achieve the best results on time and within budget. We aim to become the best solution in the minds of our customers. Besides dust extraction systems in Adelaide, Mechvac Engineering provides other air handling projects, including air conditioning, clean rooms, ovens, and spray booths. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs before developing a customised solution. Our customer benefits include improvement in productivity, inventory reductions, quality improvements, and safety improvement. Call us today to experience the Mechvac Engineering difference.

Dust Extraction Systems Adelaide

Industrial Dust Extraction System Adelaide

As professionals, we undertake your entire dust extraction system in Adelaide to eliminate the need to hire additional resources. Our experienced team develop a work scope specific to you in order to reduce the project risk. When handling your project, you will only be required to brief the project outline, and we will take care of it from there. We can also work with detailed specifications of the work and request you for a tender process. Our lean manufacturing techniques and turnkey solutions ensure that we maintain innovative design skills. At Mechvac Engineering, we are compliant with the Integrated Management System that enables us to reduce risks. As a result, we have had no environmental incidents in the last five years, thanks to our focus on safety and environmentally safe processes. In addition, our team applies our industrial experience in all our projects to ensure we meet customer satisfaction, using Value Stream Management principles to provide fast and responsive services.

Choosing the Best Dust Extraction System Adelaide

Our dust extraction systems in Adelaide are in line with OH&S Australian standards and design. We manufacture and install efficient and economical dust extraction systems that suit your existing plant layout for minimal disruption to your production process. We have worked on successful projects, with the recent one being the Cheetham Salt, replacing the old wet scrubber system with two new Mechvac designed wet scrubbers. The new system was an upgrade in factory capacity for future factory improvements, advancing environmental performance by reducing air and noise pollution. Some of the benefits you will receive after installing our dust extraction systems in Adelaide include improved operator WHS, reduced maintenance, and minimal effects of dust erosion. We work with your team to provide agile and complete engineering design, fabrication, and installation services providing reliable and on-time work.

Mechvac Engineering provides dust extraction systems in Adelaide at a fixed price quotation. Call us on +61 8 8262 1244 to discuss your next project today!