Factory Relocation Project Plan

Simplified Factory Relocation Project Plan

With over 40 years of experience, MECHVAC Engineering can provide you with the best factory relocation project plans. We understand that a factory move can be complicated and daunting. Our professionals at MECHVAC Engineering are familiar with the process, the challenges, and how to make the plan successful. We are experts when it comes to designing a project plan for relocating your manufacturing facility. MECHVAC Engineering is a manufacturing company specialising in process plant equipment and air handling projects. As such, we know what it takes to move manufacturing equipment safely and securely. Our team strives to provide our clients with professional services that meet their needs on time. We undertake all project scopes to ensure that we do not require any additional consultants. Our team is experienced and can introduce innovative solutions for your relocation plan through our turnkey solution approach.

Factory Relocation Project Plan

Expand Your Business With Our Factory Relocation Project Plan

The factory relocation project plan is key to understanding what needs to come first and what you can do simultaneously. We will ensure that our factory relocation project plan saves you time and money and our team will develop a specific work scope before the project to reduce the risks of such jobs. We have a keen eye for detail to ensure that we do not miss anything, remaining completely transparent with you. One of our successful projects is when we teamed up with Bureau Veritas (Amdel) to project manage the construction of their green fields site at Wingfield. After 12 months of planning, we relocated over 150 staff, ensuring that we never missed a detail. We handled all the engineering, designs, plant layout, machinery location, modifications and upgrades. The Model project tested all of our skills, but we delivered it to our client’s satisfaction.

Professional Factory Relocation Project Plan

The best way to handle your factory relocation project plan is to begin by planning your move early. Challenges are common, but the more time you have to plan and assess the risks, the more likely your relocation will be successful. If you want to maintain production during the move, you must plan early. Selecting a professional team like MECHVAC Engineering is also essential. We understand that you need a team that can manage and execute various disciplines, who can design the new location, move your machinery, store, and install your equipment. We will handle everything for you and even engage with your staff in the planning stages. We know that a factory move can have dramatic effects on their lives, and that is why it is crucial to involve them early. Our team will also work closely with you to develop a relocation schedule that meets your goals.

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