Fume Extraction System

Purify your Air with the Best Fume Extraction System

At Mechvac Engineering, our fume extraction system pulls fumes and dust particles into a contained filtration system, removing hazardous particles from the air. Industries with welding, sanding, and spraying or any applications that involve fumes require fume extraction systems. Fume extraction units protect employees, machinery, and the environment from the effects of dust and other harmful particles. Our fume extraction systems come with different features; some have fans with explosion proof construction, disposable dust filtration, or custom built to fit your industrial application. With 40 years of experience, we can undertake your entire project. We eliminate the need to hire additional engineers or consultants as we develop a specific work scope to reduce project risk. We also use our industry experience to introduce innovative solutions and cost-saving options during the concept development phase. Contact our professionals at Mechvac Engineering to discuss your fume extraction needs.

Fume Extraction System

Reasons to Choose Mechvac Engineering for your Fume Extraction System

At Mechvac Engineering, we produce the best and unique fume extraction systems. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs better. Our engineers work with your team to provide personalised services. Mechvac Engineering has been working in the manufacturing industry for over 40 years providing various services like plant layout and air handling projects. We understand that there are other companies in the market and as a result, we strive to be the best by setting ourselves apart. With our extensive industry experience in the manufacturing process, you can rest assured knowing that we will deliver your project on time without compromising on quality. We have the expertise to use a brief outline and develop your project from there, as we are licenced and use lean manufacturing technique to improve productivity and reduce inventory.

Quality Fume Extraction Systems

We will also guide you through the process from the initial point of contact to completing your project. After defining your needs and developing the scope of your project, we will provide you with a detailed quotation, where we will then design your project, and our project manager will oversee the entire project delivery. Our engineers will manufacture your fume extraction system in our pipework and plant equipment workshop. The team will then install the finished unit on site.

We are here to protect your workplace from harmful particles with our fume extraction systems. Call us on +61 8 8262 1244 for the best services.