Industrial Dust Extraction System

Create a Safe Working Environment with our Industrial Dust Extraction System

At Mechvac Engineering, we offer a wide range of industrial dust extraction systems depending on your facility’s needs, which can remove materials like wood, metal, composites, and chemicals. Your factory can release several particles in the air, depending on your application. As such, you must be up to date with air quality standards, therefore using our dust extraction system will increase the profitability of your organisation through a reliable, energy-efficient, and production focused system. Safety is important when designing, manufacturing, and installing your industrial dust extraction system. We are fully licensed and experienced to handle your dust extraction project and with over 40 years of experience in the industry, we can deliver a custom-built system to suit your existing business layout with minimal disruption. We will also design, manufacture and install your system in line with OH&S and Australian standards as we aim to be the best solution in the minds of our clients.

Industrial Dust Extraction System

What Sets our Industrial Dust Extraction System Apart?

Mechvac Engineering can work with your team to provide you with a complete industrial dust extraction system. By integrating our services with your team, we can deliver customised results with a rapid turnaround. Another thing that sets our services apart from the competition is that you only have to provide us with a brief project outline, and we will develop it from there, as you opt for us to work on a detailed specification. We use lean manufacturing techniques to ensure that our innovative design skills reduce the cost of producing your industrial dust extraction system. Our experts also use an Integrated Management System compliant with ISO 9001/ISO 14001/AS4801, as we apply innovation and industrial experience in the manufacturing process. Due to our focus on safety and environmentally safe processes, we have had no environmental incidents in the last five years.

Reasons to Choose Mechvac Engineering for your Industrial Dust Extraction System

At Mechvac Engineering, we deliver industrial dust extraction systems. A good case study is the new Mechvac designed wet scrubbers we installed for Cheetham Salt in 2018, where we replaced the company’s old wet scrubber system with our new wet scrubbers, allowing an upgrade in capacity for future expansion. We also designed the new system to improve environmental performance and replace the old unit, which produced excess exhaust. The benefits that come with our industrial dust extraction system include reduced harm to the environment, improved operator WHS, minimal maintenance practices, and reduced effects of dust erosion. We follow a straightforward process with our clients which begins when contacting our office. Firstly, we will work with you to better understand your objectives and develop your project’s scope, where our experts will prepare a detailed quotation and proceed to the designing phase. After completing the design, we will manufacture your system in our workshop, coming to your site to install your new industrial dust extraction system.

Mechvac Engineering is your ideal manufacturer of industrial dust extraction systems. Call us today on +61 8 8262 1244 to discuss your dust extraction needs.