Neutrog – manufacturer of biological fertilisers

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Neutrog – manufacturer of biological fertilisers

MECHVAC provided an upgrade to a Buhlmer coating machine for spraying an enzyme coating onto Neutrog’s range of fertiliser pellets. This was an upgrade project that was designed, manufactured and installed by MECHVAC.

This project was completed in January 2022 during the Covid pandemic on time. This project was for modifications, access platform and support steelwork for the Buhlmer coating machine.

Customer Benefits and Project Outcomes:

  • New product streams
  • Designed to suit a new plant layout project with infeed and out feed conveyor systems
  • Turnkey project delivery
  • In full on time delivery
  • On budget, no cost overruns
  • Zero lost time injuries
  • Less than 0.5% non-conformances

As reported by Neutrog in their monthly newsletter;

Exciting Future for Neutrog: Buhlmer Coating Machine

2021 came to an exciting close here at the Neutrog factory with the arrival of our new Buhler Coating Machine and frame ready to be installed.

This machine is able to uniformly coat up to 15 tonnes of our fertiliser pellets with up to 3 different customised biological liquids.

For our home gardeners in the future, imagine how your lawn would look if Sudden Impact for Lawns came already coated with GOGO Juice Advanced Biological Formula… not only will it reduce the number of product applications to your garden, but your garden will benefit greatly from the combination.

For our commercial growers in horticulture, viticulture and broadacre production, this represents a significant opportunity to combine our pelleted products with the individual beneficial bacteria and fungi that we have isolated and identified, to address specific needs such as phosphorus liberation, nitrogen fixation and growth promotion.

This new plant signals the realisation of a project that has been years in the planning, and a very exciting start to 2022.

Site News / What has been happening at Neutrog? (1/12/21)

Coating Equipment 

With R&D and innovation front of mind at Neutrog, we are always on the look out for new ways to manufacture and enhance our biological products.

This piece of coating equipment is the newest addition to our manufacturing process. 

In this image, you can see that it is currently off-site being engineered for a frame. 

This addition represents a significant step forward in our ability to customise our products and maximise the use of the bugs that we have isolated in the lab by coating the pellets with these liquids. 

The machine will have the ability to coat up to 15 tonnes per hour with up to 3 different liquid additives.

We look forward to updating you on this when it is up and running in our factory.

Site News / What has been happening at Neutrog? (1/3/22)

Installation of the Buhlmer Coating Drum

Since it’s arrival to the Neutrog factory in December 2021, the final installation of the Buhlmer Coating Drum has officially began.

After getting a frame fitted by MECHVAC Engineering the drum is now being integrated into our existing plant. 

Once installed the Buhlmer Coating Drum will enable Neutrog to simultaneously coat our pelleted products with up to three different liquids, presenting significant benefits for both home gardeners and commercial growers. 

We look forward to the next update, when the install of the drum into the Neutrog factory is completed and the new plant is up and running.

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