Welding Air Filtration Systems

Our Welding Air Filtration Systems

MECHVAC Engineering provides welding air filtration services to various industries, including food, general manufacturing, defence, and water. We are a fully certified engineering group that offers agile and complete engineering design, fabrication, and installation services to our clients. Some of the process plant equipment we offer includes production lines, plant services, material handling conveyors, and transfers. In our air handling docket, we provide clean rooms, spray booths, dust extraction, and ovens.

We have a qualified team of specialists who will provide you with professional services in a proactive manner to ensure we complete your project on time, budget, and specification. Our experienced team will also work closely with you to learn your needs and develop a customised solution with a rapid turnaround. Currently, we move over three million litres of air per second. As such, if you need any welding air systems, we are here to help you achieve your dream project.

Welding Air Filtration Systems

What Sets Our Welding Air Filtration System Apart?

With a long and intimate industry experience of over 40 years, we are experts in manufacturing industry equipment and welding air filtration systems. We are also experienced in constructing cleanrooms to ISO 14644.1 classification, which includes room pressure control for dust and static-free work environment. MECHVAC Engineering is fully licensed and provides engineering services to IEAust CPEng standards. When working on your project, our qualified team of experts uses an integrated management system compliant with the required insurances. All we need from you is a brief outline of your project, and we will develop it from there. Our team can additionally work off a detailed specification and request a tender process. With previous projects of which have included our welding air filtration system, we have improved productivity up to 50%, reduced inventory up to 80%, improved the quality of your work up to 30%, and improved safety.

Our Welding Air Filtration Projects

When it comes to welding air filtration systems, we are proud manufacturers of ASC vent fans. We have a wide range of portable ventilation systems that can provide your industry with maximum flexibility to meet your needs. Some of the applications for the ASC vent fans include fume extraction for welding fumes, dust extraction, fresh air ventilation, and reversible ventilation for exhaust air and supply of air.

We have also designed, manufactured, and installed an air filtration system at the Bolivar Waste Treatment Plant. Our experts installed the system in the main digester plant to remove hazardous fumes and provide a safe working environment. MECHVAC Engineering’s professionals manufactured all the ductwork and support steelwork. We benefited the Bolivar Waste Treatment Plant by providing negative pressure air control, on-time delivery, and on-budget service. If you need us to design a welding air filtration system for your general manufacturing site, contact us, and we will be happy to help.

A welding air filtration system comes with several advantages. When you need a system for your manufacturing plant be sure to use the experts at MECHVAC Engineering. Call us for your next engineering job.