Manufacturing Plant Layout

About Our Manufacturing Plant Layout

At MECHVAC Engineering, we can provide you with the best manufacturing plant layout. Our mission is to deliver outstanding services to our customers proactively to ensure we complete your project on time and within your budget and requirements. We undertake all project scoping work, so we do not have to look for additional engineers or consultants. This allows us to control and maintain our quality. MECHVAC Engineering employs the skills of a team to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our turnkey solution approach also allows us to reduce the lead times and costs. We can also work with you to develop a customised solution with a rapid turnaround. By choosing to work with us, you are choosing to receive value for your money. We are environmental, safety, and quality certified. As such, you can rest assured that we will deliver our promise to you.

Manufacturing Plant Layout

Working With the Best For Your Manufacturing Plant Layout

Besides manufacturing plant layout, we also provide other services, including mineral comminution plant, production lines, plant automation, metal fabrication, and others. Our attention to detail is what sets our team apart from the competition. We also develop a specific work scope to reduce project risks. As a case study, we teamed up with Bureau Veritas (Amdel) to project manage the construction of their green fields site at Wingfield. After one year of planning, over 150 staff were relocated, ensuring that we had attended to every detail. We took care of the engineering, design, plant layout, dust and fume extraction, plant air conditioning, modification and upgrades, and general fabrication. The Bureau Veritas project tested all our skills. At MECHVAC Engineering, we understand that a good plant layout can allow cost saving in other business categories like increased efficiency and reduced work-in-process. We are here to ensure that your industry maximises its profits without sacrificing quality.

Manufacturing Plant Layout from the Experts

Our professional team at MECHVAC Engineering will work closely with you to develop the scope of your manufacturing plant layout project. We will visit your site, conduct a cost benefit analysis of all alternatives to decide on the best option, and draw a detailed proposal for the project. Our team will then provide you with a detailed quotation for performing the work scope. We offer a fixed quotation to avoid any surprises at the completion of your project. MECHVAC Engineering will consider exclusions, working hours, resources, and project timing when preparing your quote. After approving the quotation, our engineers carry out the detailed design work. We will then introduce you to our project managers, who will be responsible for the full project delivery. Our team will conduct the manufacturing process at our plant equipment workshop and install your equipment on site. At MECHVAC Engineering we will also provide you with extensive follow-up support to ensure that you do not experience any problems.

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