Up to the Challenge

Posted by MECHVAC on 8 Jun 2016
Up to the Challenge

Byron Burridge established the engineering company in 2003 with the initial aim of gaining a foothold in the SA resources sector. Formal recognition of the company’s development and capabilities was undeniably recognised in April upon receipt of a high commendation in the 2016 SA Resources Industry Awards.

In an interview with SA Chamber of Mines and Energy for their magazine “Resourcing SA”, MECHVAC Managing Director Byron Burridge said:

“From humble beginnings, the business laid down the foundations for growth with an emphasis on quality control, professional service, and big-picture results.”

But the real breakthrough came in 2012 with an invitation from Bureau Veritas to participate in the design, manufacture and installation of a crib leach facility for the BHP Billiton Olympic Dam copper mine. This work was part of a broader testing of less capital intensive technologies aimed at improving the economics of expanding the BHP facility.

The project required a wide range of engineering experience and disciplines. Extensive use of specialised materials and tight timeframes made the project a genuine test of MECHVAC’s responsiveness and capabilities.

Yet despite the immense pressures and high stakes, the MECHVAC team came through with flying colours – safely completing the sizable project on time and within budget.

This result has sent a clear message to other customers in the mining and resource industry both in SA and nationally – MECHVAC is up to the challenge!

While MECHVAC has a core group of mining resource companies on its books it also serves the water, food, manufacturing, defence, and automotive industries.

Byron is clear in his vision, that MECHVAC wants to spread its wings and make contact with new customers. “We are keen to establish ourselves strongly even though the cycle is low, so we know we will be there when its high.”